60 Soal Bahasa ingris beserta Jawaban Kelas XI

Berikut adalah contoh soal Bahasa inggris dan jawaban, Soal pilihan ganda kelas XI, Kalian juga dapat mendownload file Soal Bahasa inggris ini  DISINI
60 Soal Bahasa ingris beserta Jawaban Kelas XI

1. Who was Bony? Bonny was……….
a. the husband’s name
b. the wife’s name
c. the bay’s name
d. the dog’s name
e. the snake’s name
Answer : a

2. Why was the dog running toward the couple?
a. because it afraid of snake
b. because it was hurt
c. because the dog wanted some foods.
d. because the dog wanted to tell that something dangerous almost happened in their home.
e. because a snake wanted to catch it.
Answer : d

3.……finally killed by the husband.
a. the baby
b. the snake
c. the wife
d. the dog
e. the couple
Answer : d

4. The snake was killed by…………………
a. the dog
b. the husband
c. the wife
d. the child
e. the baby
Answer : a

5. Was the baby hurt by the dog?
a. yes, it is
b. yes, it was
c. no, it did
d. no was not
e. no, it doesn’t
Answer : d

6. “Suddenly, he took his sickle…..”(paragraph 2, sentence 5). The word suddenly has the same meaning with the word
a. usually
b. quietly
c. Quickly
d. angrily
e. hungrily
Answer : b

7. Why was the husband shocked? Because…
a. He thought that the dog hurt killed his baby
b. he was sick
c. he saw a snake
d. he saw a dog died
e. his wife fell down
Answer : a

8. A : “What kind of the narrative is it?” B : “It is……….”
a. romance
b. adventure
c. science fiction
d. mystery
e. Folktale
Answer : d

9. I…………..to the mall last week
a. went
b. go
c. Gone
d. goes
e. have gone
Answer : a

10. Lisa : Do you mind turning on the fan for me ? Mita :…………………..
a. no, thank you
b. yes, I do
c. l’d love to
d. not at all
e. yes, please
Answer : d

11. Dicky : may I can to your house at 7 tonight ? Anne : ….. I will be going somewhere with my friend at that time.
a. yes, that’s all right
b. yes, indeed
c. l’m afraid not
d. not at all
e. why not
Answer : d

Tuesday evening
March 8, 2008
Dear Olga,
It is a (12)….. to read your letter and to know about the music program at your university. I’ll be (13)….. to go with you. My bus (14) ….. be at your school at 4 o’clock on Saturday. If you don’t mind, I’d like you (15) ….. me at the bus station. See you on Saturday. (16) Maritha

12. Why is the text written for?
A. To asked the scout coaches to lead the discussion with all the scouts
B. To invited the scout coaches to prepare the camping next month
C. To information the students to prepare the things needed
D. To asked the students to go camping next month
Answer : a

13. What should be prepared by the camping participants?
A. Appliances, food stuff, clothes and regulations for participants
B. Clothes, food stuff, appliances, and location of the camping
C. Tools, food stuff ,clothes, and the timetable of the camping
D. Clothes, cooking utensils , camping tools and food stuff cooking utensils
Answer : d

14. what is the topic of the text?
A. Asking a person to visit a library
B. Reminding a person to do task
C. Making an appointment to finish a task
D.Giving explanation the location to meet
Answer : a

15. What will Niken do after reading message?
A. Do the assignment
B. Wait for Gilang at the library
C. Look for more references at the library
D. Reply the message about her readiness
Answer : c

A : Have you heard that uncle Joe will come next week?
B : Oh. really? When did he tell you?
A : Last week.
The underlined sentence is used to express ……..
a. happiness
b. surprise
c. pleasure
d. enjoyment
Answer : c

17. I ………………… a fantastic film at the cinema last week.
a. saw
b. seeing
c. seed
d. See
Answer : a

18. “Watch the TV tonight. My daughter is on TV channel 5 at eight. She always makes me happy.” “Sure, I will.”
From the underlined words we know that the first speaker feels …….. her daughter.
a. angry with
b. proud of
c. worried about
d. disappointed at
Answer : b

19. The batik dress mother gave me is old, its colour has faded. Its refers to
a. mother
b. old
c. batik
d. Colour
Answer : c

20. “I am sorry I don’t know the answer, but I really wish I …”
a. know
b. have known
c. knew
d. will know
Answer : c

21. ….you met your friend last Sunday?
a. Did
b. Do
c. Does
d. Are
e. Were
Answer: a

22. I listen to everything . . . he saids
a. Which
b. who
c. whom
d. whos
d. why
answer : a

23. this semester I had to buy fifteen books, most of . . . . english
a. which is
b. which are
c. whom were
d. whom is
e. whom are
answer : b

24. the company hired ten new employees, some of…. men
a. which is
b. which are
c. whom were
d. whom is
e. whom are
answer : d

25. My sister, Siska has all her dresses made because…
a. she likes sewing
b. she is a dress maker
c. she cannot sew at all
d. she doesn’t have a good dressmaker
e. she can’t offord to pay dress-maker
Answer : c

26. This area is not suitable for farming because the soil is not……
a. fertile
b. fertilize
c. fertility
d. fertilizer
e. fertilization
Answer : a

27. ‘May I go shopping with my friends, mom ?’
‘No, you…….stay in bed until you recover.
a. can
b. may
c. might
d. could
e. must
Answer : e

28. ‘When do you want to have the parcels………to you hosue ?’
‘It’s better tomorrow morning’
a. deliver
b. to deliver
c. delivered
d. delivering
e. be delivered
Answer : c
One evening last week my and I were sitting quietly at home. Suddenly we heard a loud bang. I supposed that the old lady in the flat above ours was moving the furniture about. My wife was afraid that the noise would wake the baby. She turned down the TV and moment latter we heard someone calling for help.
I run upstairs. The old lady’s door was shut but I could see smoke coming through the letter box and under the door and smell something burning.” Ring the fire brigade.” I should down to my wife.
I banged on the door but the old lady took a long time answer. I was turning over in my mind the idea of breaking the door down when she finally appeared.
“I was having a bath,” she said,” when the water heater in the kitchen blew up. And I was getting dressed when you knocked. I took her down stairs to our flat. Smoke was pouring out of the kitchen and the heater was in flames. Just then I heard a fire engine arriving outside and the heavy footsteps of the firemen on the stairs.” It’s in here,” I shouted,” You turned up promptly, I must say.”
When I got back to our flat, my wife was making the old lady a cup of tea, Soon afterwards, the fire chief came in to ask a few questions. It turned out that the fire was not very serious and the firemen were already putting it out. When they left, my wife went up with the old lady to help her clean up the mess. When she returned, my wife remarked : “It’s all right now. Nothing was damaged except the water heater. But wasn’t it lucky that baby slept through the noise ?’
She took the teacups into the kitchen and I heard her scream and the cups crash to the floor. When I got there, water dripping from the ceiling and forming a pool on the floor. The baby woke up at least and began to cry.
Choose the right statement

29. What is the story about ?
a. A disastrous accident
b. A confused old lady
c. A fire brigade in action
d. A surprising evening
e. A small accident in the kitchen
Answer : e

30. The writer suspected that something was wrong when…
a. there was a loud noise
b. there was a cry for help
c. his wife was afraid of the noise
d. furniture was being moved about
e. he saw smoke coming through his letter-box
Answer : b

31. Which of the following statement is true ?
a. the old lady hurried to the door when yhe writer knocked
b. the noise in the old lady’s flat didn’t disturb the baby
c. the writer kicked the door open to save the old lady’s life
d. there was great damage in the flat ofter the fire
e. the old lady immediately called the fire brigade
Answer : b

32. ‘Turning over in my mind in paragraph 3 means…
a. chancing
b. repeating
c. reminding
d. considering e.supposing
Answer : d

33. After reading the whole story, we know that…
a. the old lady was good at house cleaning
b. the baby was startled by the some of the fire engine
c. the fire occurred because the old lady had been careless
d. the old lady always enjoyed having tea with the writer’s wife
e. the fire had caused a leak in the ceiling of the writer’s kitchen
Answer : e

34. Which of the following statement is not true ?
a. the baby woke up a long while after the fire
b. the writer and his wife were at home watching TV that night
c. the fire engine didn’t arrive as quickly as the writer had thought
d. the writer’s wife was so startled that the cups fell from her hends
e. the writer’s wife didn’t expect to see a pool of water in her kitchen
Answer : c

35. Nowadays people prefer using small cars than big ones because they are more…
a. economic
b. economy
c. economical
Answer : c

36. The place …..the Dutch imprisoned Pangeran Diponegoro was hilly
a. which
b. that
c. that
d.on which
e.in which
Answer : e

37. The woman begged the robber…
a. don’t take my money
b. not to take her money
c. not taking her money
d. he didn’t take her money
e. he’d better not take her money
Answer : b

38. Every night the street vendors walk along the road and…food and drink.
a. sells
b. to sell
c. sell
d. selling
e. is selling
Answer : c

39. Someone had stolen his car last night He…..forgotten to lock the garage
a. would have
b. might have
c. should have
d. could have
e. must be
Answer : b

40. “I got to the library at one o’clock, and it started raining immediately We can also say…
a. when I got to the library, it was already raining
b. the rain started some time before I went to the library
c. It started raining when I was walking to the library
d. it had started raining before I got to the library
e. it started raining as soon as I got to the library
Answer : e

41. We play volleyball. The passive voice of the sentence is….
a. Volleyball is playing by us
b. Volleyball is played by me
c. Volleyball is played us
d. Volleyball are played by us
e. Volleyball is played by us
Answer : e

Questions 42-45 refer to the following text!

I have a close Freind. She is beautiful, attractive, and trendy. She always want to be a trend setter of the day. She always pays much attention on her appearance. Rencently, she bought a new boots from Blowfish shoes production.The shoes really suit her.
Her new Blowfish women shoes are wonderful. When she walks with the shoes, all of her freinds, including me will watch and admire her that she has the most suitable shoes for her physical appearance. The style, bright color, and the brand represent her as a smart woman of the day. She really has a perfect appearance.

She really likes the shoes. She said that the products covered all genders. The blowfish men’s shoes are as elegant as the women’s shoes. The products provide various choice from ballet, casual, until athletic shoes. Those shoes designed in atractive way. The products are international trader mark and become the hottest trend.

42. The text above is an example of …. text
a. narrative
b. descriptive
c. fable
d. argument
e. news item
Answer : b
Pembahasan: teks “My Freind’s New Shoes” adalah contoh teks descriptive

43. The text above describes about….
a. shoes
b. friend
c. new stylist
d. products
e. designer
Answer : a

44. According to structure of descriptive text. Identification is on the …. paragraph.
a. first
b. second
c. third
d. fourth
e. fifth
Answer : a

45. The description is on the …. paragraph
a. first
b. second
c. third
d. fourth
e. fifth
Answer : b

46. Tom : “Come at 8!” Tom told me …..
a. don’t be late
b. come 8 o’clock
c. to come at 8
d. come in
e. to join at 8
Answer : c

47. Anna : “Open the window!”
Anna told me….
a. don’t open the window
b. to close the window
c. open the window
d. to open the window
e. open the window, please
Answer : d

48. Mandy: “Can I help you?”
Mandy wanted to know….
a. If I help her
b. if she could help me
c. if you can help me
d. if I know her
e. if I can help you
Answer : b

text-align: justify;”>49. Oliver taught the children. The passive voice of the sentence is ….
a. The child was taught by Oliver
b. The Children were taught by Oliver
c. The children thinking by Oliver
d. The child was thinking by Oliver
e. I taught a child by Oliver
Answer : b

50. Victoria rode the brown horse. The passive voice of the sentences is ….
a. The brown horse was rode
b. The brown had ridden
c. Victoria ridden the brown one
d. I was ride a horse
e. The brown horse was ridden by Victoria.
Answer : e

51. In general, _______ have a professional obligation to protect confidential sources of information.
A. which journalist
B. journalists
C. journalist, which
D. journalist they
E. journalist that
Answer : b

52. That legal drinking age ________ lowered is a hot topic for debate in many states.
A. should have
B. which should
C. that should
D. should be
E. should
Answer : d

53. A gifted scientist, Newton _________ some of the most fundamental laws in the history of science.
A. keeps discovering
B. discovering
C. who discovered
D. the discoverer of
E. discovered
Answer : e

54. _______ getting the highest result in the class, John still had problems with the teacher.
A. Despite of
B. In spite
C. In spite of
D. Even though
E. Nonetheless
Answer : c

55. I think Jane deserved to be fired for her________
A. totally behavior irresponsible
B. behavior totally irresponsible
C. irresponsible totally behavior
D. totally irresponsible behavior
E. behavior irresponsible totally
Answer : d

56. Above-ground swimming pools have _____ the flexibility of being able to be moved from place but also the efficiency of using less water than standard in ground pools.
A. that
B. all
C. in addition
D. not only
E. either
Answer : d

57. _______ explores the nature of guilt and responsibility and builds to a remarkable conclusion.
A. The written beautifully novel
B. The beautifully written novel
C. The novel beautifully written
D. The written novel beautifully
E. The beautifully novel written
Answer : b

58. Maine’s coastline is a major attraction and a vista of sandy beaches contrasted _________ rockbound shoreline.
A. to the rugged
B. by the rugged
C. on the rugged
D. in the rugged
E. at the rugged
Answer : b

59. Despite being basically arboreal in nature, Koalas _________ to inhabit a specific territory and range of some 30 square miles.
A. knowing
B. which know
C. that know
D. are knowing
E. are known
Answer : e

60. Throughout the animal kingdom, _______ bigger than the elephant.
A. whale is only the
B. only the whale is
C. is the whale only
D. only whale is the
E. whale is the only
Answer : b

Itulah Contoh 60 soal Pilihan ganda bahasa inggris dan jawaban Kelas XI, semoga bermanfaat bagi pembaca dan dapat membantu, terima kasih sudah berkunjung

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