Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 dan Jawaban

Berikut Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 1 Beserta Jawaban, Download file soal iniĀ  DISINI

1. what happens to vera?
a. she gets a fever
b. her body is shaking
c. she is very thirsty
d. she has a sore throat
e. she feels unwell

2. Dea will after the dialog
a. drink a glass of hot tea
b. take a glass of hot tea
c. take vera to the clinic
d. get vera medicine
e. stay inside the room

the following dialog is for questions 3 to 5.
Sita : hi, gung, where are you going?
Agung : HI, Sita. I`m going to a grocery to buy vegetables and spices
Sita : You Buy vegetables and speces? Cool!
Agung : why are you surprised? I always do this, you know, I love helping my mom cook.
Sita : I really appreciate it. I think boys should learn how to cook.
Agung : right. You know what? In my experience, by being able to cook, i`m independent. I don`t need to wait for my mom to cook, as I can cook my food as I wish.
Sita : great! That`s what I like about you, you always do what you want to do, no metter what people say.

3. where does the dialog accur?
a. in a grocery
b. at agung`s house
c. at scould
d. on the street
e. at sita`s house

4. what does Sita think about Agung`s habits when at home
a. she really appreciates it.
b. she doesn`t feel it is special.
c. she wants to learn hw to cook too.
d. she understands agung`s hobby
e. she wants to taste agung`s food

5. what can we learn from the dialog
a. just do what we want to do
b. we must respect people`s choices
c. we must be independent.
d. cooking activities are benefial
e. let`s do our tasks seriously

the following dialog is for questions 6 and 7
Ika : do ypu think that girls should join martialarts?
Owi : I think so. In my opinion, by having the ability to fight, they can look after themselves and make them feel safe.
Ika : what if I join a martialclass at school? Consequently, I have to arrive home late.
Owi : agree! Indeed all have consequences, but you have to ask for pur parents` permission.
Ika : sure. I`II tell them about this.

6. what is owi`s opinion about martial arts for girls?
a. he thinks it is easy for girls to master them
b. it`s good for girls to have such skills
c. girls should spend a lot of time to practice
d. girls must always arrive home early everyday.
e. martial arts need powerful skills and musch energy

7. from the dialog, we know that.
a. owi is very good at martial arts
b. owi and ika are siblings
c. owi will tell his father about ika`s intention
d. ika has already attended an martial arts class
e. ika and owi will join martial arts

for questions 8 to 10, choose the correct words to complete the following dialog.
Dian : have you visited the new flower garden and playground. On the slope of menara hill
Utta : yes, I love
Dian :what is you (18) aout the place?
Utta : personally, I think it is beautiful, especially with blooming flowers, it also provides many redes, I,m sure it is(19) during holidays
Dian : I (20) I can go there with my family

a idea
b. hope
c. opinion
d. intention
e. suggestion

a. crowded
b. spacious
c. quiet
d. fancy
e. opened

a. need
b. let
c. make
d. plan
e. wish

1. A 6. E
2. A 7. E
3. D 8. C
4. A 9. A
5. C 10. E

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