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Berikut ini adalah Contoh Soal Dialog Activity Pilihan ganda dan jawaban

Student Activity
Write an invitation based on the following dialog.
Rista : Are you free next Saturday afternoon?
Rama : I think so.What’s up?
Rista : You have enrolled as the drummer of our school band and are invite to the audition. Would you like to participate?
Rama : Sure. When will the audition be?
Rista : Next Saturday, at 1 p.m.
Rama : What should I bring?
Rista : Please read the information in this invination, then write the response card.
Rama : O.K. Thanks.
Artinya :
Tulis undangan berdasarkan dialog berikut.
Rista : Apakah anda akan bebas pada hari sabtu sore berikutnya?
Rama : Saya pikir.Ada apa?
Rista : Anda telah terdaftar sebagai drummer dari band sekolah kami diundang ke audisi.Apakah anda ingin berpartisipasi?
Rama : Yakin.Kapan audisinya?
Rista : Sabtu depan,pukul 1 siang.
Rama : Apa yang harus saya bawa?
Rista : Tolong baca informasinya di undangan ini lalu tulis kartu responnya.
Rama : Ok terima kasih.

1. Why should Sofia attend rehearsal?
a. It will be the practice
b. The carnival is going to be held soon
c. She is the coordinator of the practice
d. She is interested in joining a city carnival
e. All teachers and students will see the practice
Jawaban : b

2. What should Sofia do if she cannot attend the rehearsal?
a. Say thanks
b. Keep silent
c. Make an invitation
d. Ask for permission
e. Ask for information
Jawaban : d

The following dialog is for questions 3 to 5
Mrs. Lita : I’ve sent you an e-mail about the reunion party of our high school. Would you like to come?
Mr. Bonar : Are you the committee of the event?
Mrs.Lita : Yes,I am the secretary.
Mr. Bonar : I haveen’t read the e-mail. When will it be?
Mrs. Lita : Sunday, September 29,2019.
Mr. Bonar : It would be delighted to meet our friends,but I think I couldn’t come.
Mrs. Lita : Why?
Mr. Bonar : I am going to Singapore for business.
Mrs. Lita : That’s O.K., but please send me the response card in your e-mail.
Mr. Bonar : Sure.
Mrs. Lita : Good luck with your business!
Mr. Bonar : Thank you. Best regards to our friends,too.

3. Mrs. Lita and Mr. Bonar are…..
a. relative
b. teachers
c. e-friends
d. old friends
e. new friends
Jawaban : d

4. Why should Mr. Bonar open his e-mail?
a. To send a response card back.
b. To know who sends him an e-mail.
c. To know who will come to the party.
d. To invite his friends to attend the reunion party.
e. To know more about the reunion party committee.
Jawaban : a

5. From the dialog we know that…….
a. Mrs. Lita is going abroad
b. Mr. Bonar is a businessman
c. Mr. Bonar will be present at the party
d. Mrs. Lita will not attend the reunion party
e. Mr. Bonar is the committee of a reunion party
Jawaban : b

Questions :
1. What are the people in the pictures doing?
2. Why do you think they do such activities?
3. Which activities do you prefer to do?
4. Why do you intend to do those activities?
5. Where and when are you going to do those activities?

6. Why do they compliment each other?
a. They are talented
b. They achieve their desired jobs
c. They work at the same place
d. They are good at their schools
e. They achieve successes at their fields
Jawaban : b

7. What can we learn from the dialog ?
a. We should be kind ti others
b. We should be honest to others
c. We should overcome our problems wisely
d. We should work hard to achieve our dreams
e. We should be pantient in facing problems
Jawaban : d

The following text is for questions 8 to 10.

To : Vani
You and your team became the winner
Of the regional youth innovation competition.
You made me proud.
Wish you and your team do better
At higher levels.

8. What is the text about ?
a. Inviting a person
b. Complimenting a person
c. Congratulating a person
d. Expressing gratitude
e. Giving suggestion to other
Jawaban : c

9. From the text we can conclude that………..
a. Angga always supports Vani and her team
b. Vani and her team lost in the regional competition
c. Angga and Vani competed in a regional competition
d. Vani and her team failed to compete at a higher competition
e. Vani and her team received silver medals in the regional competition
Jawaban : e

10. Angga hopes Vani and her team……………..
a. make a better innovation
b. hold the same competition
c. participate in a regional competition
d. achieve better results at higher levels
e. win a gold medal in a regional competition
Jawaban : e

Activity 1
Listen and repeat
Practice the folowing dialogs with your friend

Dialog 1
Rama : Hi, Sofia. You sitting here all alone. Why don’t you stay with those girls?
Sofia : Hi, Yan. In my opinion, it doesn’t make any sense if we sit together, but we are busy with our cell
Phones. So, I’m sitting here memorizing vocabulary than playing with my phone. It’s much
Rama : You’re right. Several people believe that a smartphone may keep people away.
Sofia : That’s the reason I don’t open my phone before the class starts. I prefer chatting with friends to
Playing with my phones.
Rama : So do I. I’d like to point out that I’m here not only to study but also to develop my social
Relationship. I want to have lots of friends by joining this course. By the way, why don’t you ask
Them to stop playing with their phones?
Sofia : Sorry, that’s none of my business. I shouldn’t bother them.

11. What was the dover’ problem?
a. A man caught them.
b. They lacked food.
c. They were trapped under the net.
d. No one helped them free from the net.
Jawaban : b

12. “ They gnawed the net and one by one all the
Doves were freed.” (Last paragraph)
What is the similar meaning of the underlined
a. Bit.
b. Cut.
c. Rolled
d. Moved.
e. Opened.
Jawaban : a

The following text is for questions 13 to 15.

13. According to the poster, we are suggested
a. Enjoy our lives
b. Consume healthy food
c. Think before making a choice
d. Protect the source of foods
e. Work hard to have a better life
Jawaban : b

14. Where do you probably see the poster?
a. In a laboratory.
b. In a classroom.
c. In a school library.
d. In a teachers’ room.
e. In a school canteen.
Jawaban : e

What dose the sentence mean?
a. Our lives depend on our efferts.
b. There are ways to achieve success.
c. Our choices will affect our ways of life.
d. Our right decisions bring us to a good life.
e. There are several options to make a batter life.
Jawaban : d

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