How to Disable Google Crome Automatic Updates

How to Disable Google Crome Automatic Updates – Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers at the moment. Chrome is a web browser made by Google. The success of Chrome to shift the dominance of old browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox is not without reason. Chrome is known as a browser with minimal design. But behind that simplicity, tucked in advanced technology that makes this browser run fast, safe and easy.

Chrome is automatically set to update when there is a new version. Updates to Chrome are important to make sure Chrome is safer to use and stable. But not all automatic updates on Chrome give good results. Sometimes, the latest version of Google Chrome is even more unstable than the previous version because there are still bugs or other problems related to compatibility.

Chrome automatic updates in Microsoft Windows can be disabled via group policy, a feature that controls the work environment of computer users and the computer itself, including registry-based policy settings, security settings, software installation, script usage and folder redirection. Google itself also provides an administrative template that sets policies for Google updates.

To get an administrative template, you can first download the file in ADM format from Google Update ADM Template Update.

Press the button bearing the Windows and R logos and then type gpedit.msc


Navigate to Local Computer Policy> Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates, right-click Administrative Templates and then select Add

Local Group Policy

In the Add / Remove Templates dialog box that appears, click the Add … button.

add remove tempaltes

In the Policy Templates dialog box that appears, navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded administrative template before, select the template and then click the Open button. The selected administrative template is displayed in the Add / Remove Template dialog box. Click the Close button to close the Add / Remove Template dialog box

google Update adm

Navigate to Administrative Templates> Classic Administrative Templates> Google> Google Update> Applications> Google Chrome. Modify Update policy overide by right-clicking and then selecting Edit.

Disable Google Crome Automatic Updates

In the Update policy override dialog box that appears, select the radio button labeled Enabled and in the drop-down box labeled policy, select Updates disabled. End the change by clicking the OK button

How to Disable Google Crome Automatic Updates

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