Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Beserta Jawaban 200 Soal

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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Beserta Jawaban 200 Soal

Congratlations, Aubrey
Happy graduation day!
I wish all the best for your future.
Keep inspiring others with your beatufiul mind.
Keep on grpwing. Keep developing yor unique
Dreams and talent that make you who you are!

51. The text tells about us …
A. Aubrey’s whishesfor her future
B. Andina’s support for her friends
C. Andina’s graduation ceremony
D. Aubrey’s dreams and talents
Jawaban : b

52. What while the receiverprobably do after reading the text
A. Put make-up to be more beatufuk
B. She will grow to be an older and wiser person.
C. She will become conscious to reach her dreams.
D. She will change her dreams and inspiration.
Jawaban : c

Attentions, students.
It is expected that your new sports uniforms will be distributed this week. However the uniforms for the seventh grade students have not ready to be distributed yet. You may wear any casual T-shirt and trousers for P.E. class for the time being .
The schedule for the uniforms distributions will be informed later . thank you

53. Why did the writer compose the text ?
A. To ask the seventh grade student to have a P.E.class in the field .
B. To inform the students to wait for their sports uniforms to be distributed.
C. To tell all students that their uniforms are not avaible yet.
D. To permit he seventh grade students to wear casual T-shirts.
Jawaban : d

54. After reading the text, what will the seventh grade student probably do?
A. have their P.E.cllas without uniforms
B. tell their parents to buy them sport uniforms.
C. Wear their uniforms for the P.E. class.
D. Go to the field to have a P.E.class.
Jawaban : a

55. Who is the text addressed to ?
A. all the student .
B. seventh grade student.
C. All the teacher.
D. The P.E.teacher and student.
Jawaban : a

The following text is for 56 to 58
Student organization
Tunas Kelapa High School
Jl. Andromeda No. 9, Jepara
To: seventh grade student
We invite you attend the school welcoming party that will be held :
Day/date : Friday, 2nd August 2019
Time : 1:30 p.m.
Place :School hall
There will be special performances from eight and ninth grade students.
Please come on time and see you there.
Malik : Secretary
Bela : chairperson

56. What can we infer from the text….
A. The student organization members will perform
B. All the student in the school are invited
C. The seventh grade student will perform .
D. The event will be held in the afternoon .
Jawaban : d

57. What will be held in Tunas Kelapa High School ?
A. reception party .
B. reunion party .
C. farewell party
D. graduation ceremony.
Jawaban : c

58. What will happen when the invitees do not attend the event?
A. They may not have many friends.
B. They must meet the headmaster.
C. They will miss the show.
D. They will receive a new task .
Jawaban : c

To : rendra
I’d like to friendly remind you to fetch me at the wharf this evening . I will be waiting for you near the exit gate. You suppose to leave for the wharf before 5pm so you will be there before 6pm I have an important appointment at 7.15pm.

59. What is Maya’s purpose of sending the massage to rendra ….
A. To tell him that she has an important meeting to attend
B. To infrom him that she will travel by ship
C. To remind him that he should fetch her at the wharf
D. To tell him that she should arrive home before 6 pm.
Jawaban : C

60. If Rendra does not come on time , what while Maya probably do?
A. Walk alone to reach home.
B. Reenter the wharf to find a seat .
C. Keep waiting until Rendra comes .
D. Take taxi to attend the meeting
Jawaban : d

The following text is for qustions 61 to 63

Grooming Shop and Clinic
jl. Panthera no. 12, Pangkal Pinang

61. What is the treatment offered if your pets have sore?
A. Bathing
B. Trimming
C. A vet consultation
D. Food and vitamins
Jawaban : c

62. What is the intention of the writer to compose the text ?
A. To invite pet lovers
B. To sell services for pets
C. To inform about a pet hotle
D. To describe the grooming package
Jawaban : b

63. The word ‘trimming’ in the text is closest in meaning to…….
A. Removing
B. Cutting
C. Balancing
D. Moving
Jawaban : b

The following text is for questions 64 to 66.
To: All students of SMP N 6
There will be several competitions to commemorate the school anniversary next month. All classes have to send their delegations for each competition. The competitions students should follow are:

  1. Futsal
  2. Basketball for girls
  3. Tug of war (2 boys and 2 girls)
  4. Class decoration
  5. Fun relay race (2 boys and 2 girls)
    Each competition will be held on a different day. The schedule for each competition will be announced next week. The class captain of each class register the delegations for the competition at the teacher’s office.
    for more information lease contact Mr. Rifky thank you

64. What will happen when the students participate in the competitions?
A. They will have a chance to be the champion
B. They will be liked by the teachers
C. They will can popular students at school
D. They may get attention from the headmaster
Jawaban : a

65. What should the students do if they want to participate in more than one competition
A. They may register themselves to the headmaster
B. They can tell the class captain about it
C. They may ask for the teachers’ only one permission
D. They must choose only one competition
Jawaban : b

66. From the text, we know what
A. Only girls can participate in the fug and war
B. Only class captains know the schedule
C. All students can participate in the basketball competition
D. All students participate in competitions
Jawaban : d

Indication :
Help to reduce florid and poignant of eyes because of minor irritation(dust, smoke, wind, and after swimming ).
2-3 drops on each eye
Store in a cool place and keep out of children.
Do not swallow!

67. What is the text written for?
A. To tell us about an ointment drug in detail
B. To infrom about the drug usage
C. To describe the drug’s ingredients
D. To warn children about the drug
Jawaban : b

68. The medicine is aimed for people who…
A. Have children
B. Go for snorkeling
C. Have sore eyes
D. Have bad eyesight
Jawaban : c

This day the people of Pinang can enjoy an iconic theme park like those in other big cities, such as Bandung and Jakarta. This new theme park is known as bhayangkara Park of Pangkal Pinang Bangka Belitung or Babel Bhay Park.
Babel Bhay Park is located near the administration office complex of Bangka Belitung Province. To be precise, it sets beside the Police Force Headquarter of Bangka Belitung Region. The area of the park is only rented for a year and the contract will possibly be extended for public need. This park makes the office complex become more attractive and beautiful.
This park has several places to relax and take picture for your social medias with several unique themes. Thodse themes are named based on the divisions in Polda Kepulauan Bangka Belitung. There are traffic park from Dirlantas Polda Babel, Hobbit house from Sarpras Polda Babel, Bird park from Brimob Polda Babe, Outdooor Playground from Ditreskrimsus Polda Babel and many other parks.
There are also a jogging track around the lake, unique photo spots and café made of containers as its decorations. Visitors may have several activities there. This park can be an education place for children. They can play and learn about the traffic regulation there.

69. People will be interested to visit the place because of…
A. The letters of Babel Bhay Park
B. The education place for children
C. The unique theme parks
D. The decoration of the café
Jawaban : c

70. The theme park get their names from…
A. The attractions the parks have
B. The location near the police headquarter
C. The social medias voting
D. The names of polices divisions
Jawaban : d

71. Wht exercise can visitors do in the park?
A. Jogging
B. Bowling
C. Diving
D. Swimming
Jawaban : a

72. “…the contract will possibly be extended for public need.”
The underlined word has the closest in meaning to…..
A. Enlarged
B. Widened
C. Lengthened
D. Straightened
Jawaban : c

Once upon a time, there were mice in a big house. They were so happy because they could get food easily. Their numbers were increasing. The mistress of the house did not like the mice. She wanted to get rid the mice.
One day, she brought home a clever cat. The cat always guarded the pantry. She caught every mouse that came closer. No mouse had succeeded to enter the pantry. They never heard when the cat moved from its place until it was too late.
Their numbers kept decreasing. All mice started to worry and arranged a meeting to find a solutions.
“ The cat is very dangerous,” said the young mouse, “because she’s sly and sneaky. She tiptoes along on tittle padded paws. We never even hear her coming!”
The assembled mice nodded in agreement.
“My suggestion is,” continued the young mouse, “ that we tie a bell around the cat’s neck. That way we could hear whenever she tired to sneak up. We’d always have time to run and hide.”
All the mice burst into a big round of applause. This was a wonderful idea, it was generally agreed. But then an old mouse stood up slowly. He had to strain to be heard by all the mice.
“the young mouse’s idea sounds good,”the old mouse said “ But now we have a new problem. Who will hang the bell on the cat?”.
Every mouse in the meeting was silent.

73. What was the problem of the mice?
A. The mice’ food
B. The mistress
C. The house cat
D. The young mouse
Jawaban : c

74. Why did the mice feel happy in the meeting?
A. The cat caught the mistress of the house
B. They had successfully taken the cat down
C. They got the answer for their problem
D. They mistress brought a cat home
Jawaban : c

75. Why were the mice silent after they had a good solutions ?
A. They did not understand the idea well
B. They were afraid to cary out the idea
C. They disobeyed to do the idea
D. They did not have the tool needed
Jawaban : b

76. The mice arranged the meeting because they…… to discuss their problem.
A. Want
B. Wants
C. Wanted
D. Had wanted
Jawaban : c

Last year, my family and I had a vacation to Jakarta, to visit Aunt Marina. We had planned to go there a month before the school holiday. We agreed to go there by train.
My father drove us to the trai station before noon. It took only an hour and half to reach the station. We stopped to have lunch on the way to the railway station. We had lunch at a Padang restaurant near the station. My brother requested to have lunch there. After that, we continued to our trip to the station.
The train departed from Gubeng Station at 4 p.m. it was my first time to travel by train. Unfortunately the train was a night train, so I could not see the scenery. I only saw rice fields, mountains and many other beautiful sunset sceneries before the night came.
We arrived at Gambir Station at 5 in the morning. Uncle Dadang dad been waiting for us near the exit gate. Actually, his house is far enough from the station. It took more than two hours by car. Finally, we arrived at his house. Aunt Marina and her daughter, Diana, had cooked special breakfast for us. After we took a bath, we enjoyed the breakfast together.

77. Who do you think the writer of the text is?
A. Dadang’s sister
B. Mariana’s daughter
C. Diana’s sister
D. Diana’s cousin
Jawaban : d

78. What did the writer and his family do after day arrived at Gambir Station?
A. They walked to the exit gate
B. They went to a customer service
C. Tey looked for a taxi
D. They bought souvenirs
Jawaban : a

79. How did the writer go to the stations?
A. By train
B. By car
C. By bus
D. By bicycles
Jawaban : b

80. They had their breakfast……. They had a bath.
A. Before
B. When
C. Because
D. After
Jawaban : d

Scientists believe that people inherit their affection for the scent of rain from ancestors who relied on rainy weather. Therefore, what makes rain smell so nice? There are several scents associated with rainfall that people find pleasing. One of these odours is called ‘petrichor’.
Several plants secrete volatile oils during dry periods. These oils are the compound of chemichal organics. It makes the oils have tiny molecules and can be easily distilled in the atmosphere. When the rains rains fall, these oils are released into the air.
The second, reaction that creates petrichor occurs from soil-dwelling bacteria. Those bacteria,known as Actinomycetes, produce chemicals. The chemicals are released. These aromatic compounds combine to create the pleasant petrihcor scent whwn rain hits the ground.
Another scent associated withbrain is ozone. During a thunderstorm, lighting can split the oxygen and nitrogen moleucules in the atmosphere. They can recombine into nitrate oxide in turn. This substance interacts with other chemicals in the atmosphere to from ozone. It has sharp smell fainthly reminiscent of cholorin.
It is possible for people to say that they can smell rain coming. The wind from an approaching strom has carried ozone down from the coulds into the people’ nostrils

81. What do people actually smell when rain comes approaching?
A. The fragrant oil produced by plants
B. The oxygen scents in the air
C. The petrichor brought by wind
D. The smell of died soil bacteria
Jawaban : c

82 .How can volatile oils from the plant be released into the atmosphere?
A. The molecules are distilledin the air
B. The oils evaporate because of cold
C. The oils are mixing with the nitrogen
D. The thunderstorms break the oils apart
Jawaban : a

83. What will happen when the soil bacteria do not produce chemicals?
A. The plants will not produce oils
B. The pleasant scent cannot be smelled
C. The rain will not fall to the earth
D. The thund erstorms will not formade
Jawaban : b

84.”….Which has a sharp smell faintly reminiscent of chlorine.”[paragraf 4]
The underlined word is similar in meaning to….
A. evocative
B. suggestive
C. resounding
D. seeing
Jawaban : a

The following text is for questions 85 and 87
My name is Elisa.I want to talk about a famous chef in Lampung.His name is Kurniawan.He is my mother’ brother.He opens a restaurant in his house.He is inspired to have a restsurant in his dining room.The restaurant is called House Kichen.The environment of the restaurant will make you feel like having dinner in your own house.
I always meet him on holiday, such as leberan day.He lives in Bandar Lampung,while my parents and I live in singkawang.He lives with my grandmother. Whenever we visit him,he usually holds a barbecue party.
He is pretty good looking. He is tall and has a pointed nose, an oval face,thick eyebrows and a dimble on each cheek. His jkes make us laugh. He always can light up the ambiance.
My favourite food made by him are lasagna and cheese pizzas. I love to see him making pizzas .Those are the best seller of his restaurant

85. What is the text written for?
A. To describe a family member
B. To describe a restaurant ih Lampung
C. To tell us about the food made by Kurniawan
D. To inform a about barbecue party
Jawaban : a

86. What makes the writer say that Kurniawan is handsome ?
A. He has a pointed nose, an oval face and a dimple
B. He has a flat nose, an oval face and thick eyebrow
C. He has an oval face, thin eyebrows and a pointed nose
D. He has a pointed nose, thick eyebrows and dimples
Jawaban : d

87.” He always can light up the ambiance.”
It means that he can……..
A. turn on the lights in the room
B. switch off the electric power
C. brighten the atmosphere
D. give a light in the room
Jawaban : c

The following text is for questions 88 and 90
Once upon a time there lived a princess.Her parents always got what she wanted. On her fifteen brithday, an old lady gave her a gift, a beautiful bracelet made of crystals. The princees gave her the kernel of a mango in retrun. The old lady got angry and left the castle.She was disappointed with the princess.
The old lady mumbled, “I gave her a beautiful and expensive gift, but in retrun she just gave me a kernel?”
The old lady threw the kernel into her front yard, and she moved to other places to develop her business.
Serveral days later, her business went bankrupt and the condition forced her to retrun to her old house. She walked home and started to fell hungry. When she arrived at her house, she smelled something tasty from the house. There was a manggo tree growing in her front yard. She did not expected that the kernel had grown fast.
She picked a mango from the tree, and minced it. She did not expected that the kernel of the mango was actually a shining diamond. That day, she thandked the god and princess for the gift she received.

88.What did the old woman’s probably feel when she saw the mango tree?
A. Angry
B. Satisfied
C. Shocked
D. Excited
Jawaban : c

89. Why did the old woman return home after moving to another place?
A. She wanted to see the princess
B. She could not live there
C. She missed her house
D. She became a pauper
Jawaban : d

90.What can we learn from the story?
A. Do not give something valuable to other people
B. Do not leave your house without guarding
C. Do not throw something in the ground
D. Do not judge something by its appearance
Jawaban : d

The following text is for questions 91 to 94 .
National jamboree is my unforgettable exptrience . I joined the Tenth National Jamboree in 2016 when I was in the seventh grade. After I passed the scouting test in the regency council, I started the training for about four months. There were also several other students from other schools who passed the text.
The jamboree wash held in Bumi Perkemahan Cibubur, in august, 2016. My friends, scoutmasters and I went there a week before the jamboree started. The scoutmasters said that it was necessary to adapt to the environment. There were several other patrols that came from other regencies. They hat come several days before us.

91. The text mainly tells us about…..
A. The description of a national jamboree
B. An interesting event in the national jamboree
C. Several activities in the tenth national jamboree
D. Several places near Bumi Perkemahan, Cibubur
Jawaban : c

92. The writer feel …..following the activities in the jamboree
A. Passionated
C. Comfortable
D. Confindent
E. Amused
Jawaban : a

93.Why did the writer have to come earlier?
A. to make friends with other members
B. to give them advantages in the activity
C. to know the Indonesian culture
D. To be used to the environtment
Jawaban : d

94. “ ….. It was necessary to adapt to the environtment “.The underlined word is similar in meaning to
A. After
B. Adjust
C. Merge
D. Survive
Jawaban : b

To: Vita
We’d like to invite you to attend a one-day seminar in “ Young leadership”.
Day/date : Monday 29th aplil 2019
Time: 9 a.m.-3p.m
Venue : school hall
Topic: young leadership
Join it or you ‘ill be left behind
P.S. Please wear the shool blazer.
Tommy _
OSIS chairperson

95. the seminar is intended to….
A. a students
B. a teacher
C. a class captain
D. an OSIS chairperson
Jawaban : a

96. “ join it or you’ll be left behind.”
The sentence implies that…
A. You wont get another chance to join the seminar
B. You will miss important lessons if you don’t join the seminar
C. The seminar will start on time and won’t tolerate the late comers
D. You will be expelled from the OSIS comitte if you don’t join the seminar
Jawaban : b

Questions 97-98 are based on thefollowing text.
To All English Literature Class Students
(1) Exam will be held on Wednesday, October 23rd 2014, at 10 a.m. in room 143. Please read “A Clean and Well-Lighted Place” by E. Hemingway and “Queenie” by Alice Munro as they will be the subject materials. Copies of both are available in my locker, feel free to grab them!
(5) It will be an open book exam. You can bring books as many as you can, but no internet and cell phones! Cheaters will be expelled!
Professor Smith

97. To whom the announcement is made?
A. Students of English Literature Class
B. Professor Smith
C. E. Hemingway and Alice Munro
D. The readers
Jawaban : a

98. Which statement is correct based on thetext?
A. Students can’t open their books in the exam.
B. Using internet from the cell phones is allowed.
C. Prof. Smith put copies of subject materials inside her locker.
D. The exam will be held at 8 a.m.
Jawaban : c

Questions 99-100 are based on the text below.
(1) Lemon basil is a hybrid between basil (Ocimumbasilicum) and American basil (Ocimumamericanum). The herb is grown primarily in northeastern Africa and southern Asiaand is used in cooking. It is popular in Arabic, Indonesia, Philippines, Lao, Malay, Persian, and Thai cuisine.
(5) Lemon basil stems can grow to 20–40 cm (8–20 in) tall. It has white flowers in late summer to early fall. The leaves are similar to basil leaves, but tend to be narrower … slightly serrated edges. Seeds form on the plant after flowering and dry on the plant. It has fragrant lemon scent

99. What is the appropriate title for the text?
A. Lemon Basil
B. Hybrid of Basils
C. Herb of Asian Cuisine
D. Scent of Lemon Basil
Jawaban : a
“The leaves are similar to basil leaves, but tend to be narrower … slightly serrated edges.”

100. What is the correct word to fill the blank?
A. With
B. To
C. By
D. Of
Jawaban : a

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