Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Beserta Jawaban 200 Soal

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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Beserta Jawaban 200 Soal

151. What will the students do right after reading the text?
A. Meet the headmaster
B. Go to the related institution
C. Meet their teachers for completing the requirements
D. Prepare the requirements for their identity cards
Jawaban : b

152. “….. Is used as a requirements to continue studies.”
What does the underlined word mean?
A. An urgent condition
B. A necessary thing
C. A normal condition
D. An additional object
E. Jawaban : b

Dear Bintang,
Please join the barbecue party!
In honour of sania’s fifteenth birthday party
Saturday, 2nd march 2018
Sania’s house, jl. Kerinci no. 79
Dress code: red
RSVP: danar (084556677808765)

153. What will the guests enjoy during the party?
A. Grilled meat
B. Toasted bread
C. Traditional food
D. International cuisines
Jawaban : a

154. What should bintang do if he cannot atten the party?
A. Meet sania
B. Go to sania’s house
C. call sania for information
D. call danar for information
Jawaban : d

The following text is for questions 155 to 158
Mr.Ferdy is my next –door neighbour.He is of medium-heigt and thin.He is sixty year old and still energetic.Together with his wife,he usually walks around the filage early in the morning.
Mr.Ferdy has retirade from his job.Once he worked as and army. Now,heoften spends his time in his garden.He has a large garden at the back of his house and grows many plants there.Among them are fruits trees.whenthe trees bear fruits,he shares them with his neighbours.
Mr. Ferdy likes kids.He treads me like his own granddaughter who lifes abroad.On holiday he often invites me to have a chat and pick fruits in hisgarden.

155. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To describe the writer’s favourite idol
B. To inform the reader about one’s hobby
C. To describe a person living next to the writer’s house
D. To state facts about neighbours and their characteristics
Jawaban : c

156 . From the text we know that Mr. Ferdy…..
A. Was an officer
B. Likes gardening
C. Has a large house
D. Lives alone
Jawaban : b

157 . People like Mr.Ferdy because he is …..
A. Generous
B. Inteligent
C. Responsible
D. Courageous
Jawaban : a

158. “…..He shares them with his neighbours .”(paragraph 2)
What is the closest meaning of the underlined word?
A. Pickes
B. Grows
C. Enjoys
D. Divides

The following text is for questions 159 to 161
Mrs. Sitta runs a new bakery.There are many bakeries in my town ,but Mrs. Sitta’S is special.
Mrs.Sitta’s bakery is small but comfortable. It is air feature. To attract visitors,the wall Is painted in many is like a rainbow,so it is namedrainbow open from 9 A.M until 9 P.M
People like visiting it due its delicious cakes.the cakes use natural ingredients and now preservatives.they have unique shapes and various tastes,makes the cakes different from others

159.. the cakes in Mrs. Sitta’s bakery are best consumed immediately because they….
A. Have various colours
B. Have unique shapes
C. Use artificial ingredients
D. Contains no preservatives
Jawaban : d

160. How can people find Mrs. Sitta’s bakery easily?
A. It is small
B. It is comfortable
C. It is painted colourfully
D. It opens early in the morning
Jawaban : c

161. “it is like a rainbow,……”(paragraph 2)
What does the word ‘it ‘refer to?
A. The wall
B. The cake
C. The shape
D. The bakery
Jawaban : a

Dear indah,
Tomorrow is holiday. If you are free, what about spending your holiday in my house? You are fond of eating fish, aren’t you? my family and I willcatch fish in my pond, then grill them. Please join us.

162. what should indah do right after reading the message?
A. Go to angga’s house
B. Catch the fish In the pond
C. Confirm whether she will come or not
D. Join the barbecue party at angga’s house
Jawaban : c

163. from the text we know that….
A. Indah has a pond
B. Indah dislikes fish
C. Indah will grill fish
D. Angga knows indah’s favourite
Jawaban : d

An earthquake struck the area where our classmate, Sita lives. Many houses have been destroyed, including Sita’s house. To show our sympathy, we will visit tomorrow after school. We will also donate money and supplies she may need

164. why will the students visit Sita?
A. To express their apologies
B. To show their sympathy
C. To help repair Sita’s house
D. To see Sita’s damaged house
Jawaban : b

165. What will Sita probably feel when her friends visit her?
A. Hopeful
B. Grateful
C. Shocked
D. Sympathetic
Jawaban : b

166. what will the students do right after reading the text?
A. Visit Sita’s house
B. Contact the class teacher
C. Collect money and food
D. Inform their parents about the earthquake
Jawaban : c

Nobody expectes to have an ailment in his life, but that’s life.
This will make you realize the importance of health.
You must be strong.
Get well soon!

167. What probably happens to Raymond ?
A. he is hospitalized
B. he has a complicated problem
C. he loses his beloved
D. he failed in his student
Jawaban : a

168. by sending the card , Dahlia ….
A. is proud of Raymond
B. wishes Raymond for his luck
C. shoos her sympathy to Raymond
D. supports Raymond for his success
Jawaban : c

169. What is the purpose of the text ?
A. To invite the OSIS committee members to attend a meeting
B. to tell the OSIS committee members about sports competitions
C. to persuade the OSIS committee members to attend a meeting
D. to invite the OSIS committee members about the next meeting1
Jawaban : a

170. What will be this cussed in the meeting ?
A. The annual OSIS programmes
B. The preparation for a competition
C. The next interschool sports competion
D. The respond.sibility report of an event
Jawaban : d

171. what should the OSIS committee members do if they cannot attend the meeting?
A. Contact Mieke for their absence
B. Write a permission letter
C. Ask about the result of the meeting
D. prepare the responsibility report
Jawaban : a

172.The text is written to ….
A. explain to the readers about how to join a story teling competition
B. ask the readers to advertise astory teling competition
C. inform the readers about astory teling competition
D. tell the readers about the prizes for the winers
Jawaban : c

173 .What must the student firstly do to join the competition?
A. Meet the winners
B. Practise their English.
C. Bring prizes to the event.
D. Enroll for the competition.
Jawaban : d

174. From the text we can conclude that the competition is a held?
A. biweekly
B. annually
C. monthly
D. Weekly
Jawaban : b

Mr. Indra, please forward to others. As there will be a camping next month, I wan all
scout coaches to lead the dicussion with all the scouts related to the preparation for the
next camping activity.
Remined the to bring everything they need like clothes, cooking utensils and food
Mr. Luki and I will be responsible for the male scouts. Mrs. Susi and Ms.Dina
will be with the girl scouts. In this way, the discussion will run well.
Mr. Rendy (coordinator)

175. Why is the text written for?
A. To asked the scout coaches to lead the discussion with all the scouts
B. To invited the scout coaches to prepare the camping next month
C. To information the students to prepare the things needed
D. To asked the students to go camping next month
Jawaban : a

176. What should be prepared by the camping participants?
A. Appliances, food stuff, clothes and regulations for participants
B. Clothes, food stuff, appliances, and location of the camping
C. Tools, food stuff ,clothes, and the timetable of the camping
D. Clothes, cooking utensils , camping tools and food stuff cooking utensils
Jawaban : d

177. what is the topic of the text?
A. Asking a person to visit a library
B. Reminding a person to do task
C. Making an appointment to finish a task
D.Giving explanation the location to meet
Jawaban : a

178. What will Niken do after reading message?
A. Do the assignment
B. Wait for Gilang at the library
C. Look for more references at the library
D. Reply the message about her readiness
Jawaban : c

Dear Andra
Congratulations on your graduation! Your hard work has been paid off. Iam proud of you. Wishing you are accepted in your desired school. Good luck for your studies!.

179. what is the purpose of the text?
A. To express pride
B. To give support
C. To Show appreciation
D. To express happines
Jawaban : C

180. why is Intan proud of Andra?
A. he did the test well
B. He completed his studies
C. He is the best at his school
D. He was accepted in reputable school
Jawaban : D

Dear Photography club members,
The regional photography competition will be held next month. All members are welcomed to attend the competition. Mr. Indra would like to guide us . Please confirm your participation soon through this chatting grup.
Thank You.

181. What is the text about?
A. The notification about a contest
B. The invitation to join a chatting group
C. The information about a photography club programme
D. The announcement of a school photography contest
Jawaban : A

182. What should the members do to participate in the event?
A. Resend the message to Mr. Indra
B. She the regional photography competition
C. Reply the message through the chatting group
D. Confirm their participation to the committee of the contest
Jawaban : C

183. “Mr. Indra would like to guideus.”
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ….
A. Give
B. Show
C. Help
D. Conduct
Jawaban : D

The Drama and Dance Clubs proudly present the first musical drama entitled “The Magic Tree”. We would like to invite the headmaster, all teacher, school staff and students to watch our performance.
Day/Date : Monday, 7th January 2019
Time : 2 p.m
Venue : School hall
Please come and enjoy the show.
Nanang Dewantara
The committee

184.what is the writer’s intention through the text?
A. To inform of a musical drama
B. To hold a musical drama at school
C. To inform the schedule of the show
D. To invite people to watch a musical drama
Jawaban : D

185.When does the show take place?
A. In the morning
B. In the afternoon
C. In the evening
D. At the night
Jawaban : B

186.What will happen if all the invited people attend the show ?
A. The musical drama will be dull
B. The performance will be interesting
C. The committee will invite more guests
D. The school hall will be full of audience

My sister had a graduation ceremony last week. I was sad bacause I could not attend the ceremony. I had to attend a robotic competition to represent my school. Finally, I was the runner up and received the silver medal.
When I arrived home, my sister and parents had not arrived yet. I Planned to make a gift for my sister, but I was confused about what I should make to a tart cake because my mom still had a sponge cake. Howefer, I didnot know how to decorate a cake.I browsed the internet for the tutorials to decorate a tart cake. Then, I checked the ingredients needed. Lucky for m, i had all the ingredients. I followed the intructions. I made butter cream using a mixer and then add food colouring. Then, I decorated the cake. Well, it was done.
A few minutes later, my parents and sister arrived. I took out the tart cake and said, “Congratulations!” surprisingly, they also said “Congratulations!” while bringing a box of chocolate. They hugged me and gave the chocolate to me. They knew that I was the runner up in the robotic competition. Finnaly, we ate the cake and chocolate together

187. Why did the writer and his/her family give surprise to each other?
A. To welcome the writer’s family
B. To celebrate their achievements
C. To praise his/her sister’s graduation
D. To fete writer’s winning in a competition
Jawaban : D

188.. What did the writer’s feel in the end of the story?
A. Glad
B. Satisfied
C. Confused
D. Surprised
Jawaban : A

189. From the text we can conclude that….
A. The writer arrived home late
B. The writer made chocolate
C. The writer’s family care for each other
D. The writer is good at decorating cakes
Jawaban: C

190. “Finnaly, I was the runner upand received the silver medal.”[Paragraph 1]
A. The first place
B. The second place
C. The third place
D. The fourth place
Jawaban: B

To: Uncle Sidiq
Congratulation on winning tour de singkawang and taking home the gold medal! Your effort and hard work have put you on a new high. You’re really fast on your bicycle.

191. What is the text about?
A. Expressing admiration
B. Appreciating one’s hard work
C. Complimenting one’s performance
D. Congratulating one’s achievement
Jawaban : D

192. The sender of the card is Sidiq’s ….
A. Sister
B. Niece
C. Nephew
D. Daughter
Jawaban : B

193. The text is written …
A. To promote a cleaning activity to the student’s
B. To instruct the student to be cleaning tools
C. To inform the student about the classroom activity
D. To remind the student about the upcoming semester
Jawaban: B

194. What should the student bring for the activity?
A. School uniform’s
B. Food and drinks
C. Mopping kids
D. Sports shoes
Jawaban : C

195. What should the students do after cleaning their classroom?
A. Going home
B. Continue their studies
C. Clean the school area
D. Return their cleaning tools
Jawaban : B

Grant our wishes to join us in celebrating
7th Birthday
Sunday, 10th February 2019
At Tirta Water Park
Jl. Banyu Biru No. 9, Surabaya
Food will be provided after the games
R.S.V.P: 0820437677483 (Imran)

196. The text tells us about
A. An invitation
B. A birthday party
C. Fun games
D. A water park
Jawaban: B

197. What should the invitees prepare for the event?
A. Swimming Suits
B. Funny costumes
C. Delicius snacks
D. Interesting games
Jawaban: A

The following text is for questions 198 to 200
Dad, I am at Mr Irwan’s house to accompany Nadya, her litle daughter. Mrs.irwan took her sick father to the hospital just now. Mr.irwan is still onhis way home. I will return home after he arrives.

198.Dimas sent the massage to his father…..
A. to take a leave
B. to explain his condition
C. to help Mr.Irwan famly
D. to infom Mr. Irwan’s condition
Jawaban : B

199.What is Dimas like?
A. Helpful
B. Humble
C. Confident
D. Generous
Jawaban : A

200.”I will retrun home after he arrives.”
The underlined word refers to…..
A. Dimas
B. Mr. Irwan
C. Dimas’s father
D. Mrs. Irwan’s father
Jawaban : B

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