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Listening Section
This section is for number 1 to 10
This is growth spurt time, kids …(1) about 20% of adult height and 50% ofadult weight during … (2). Because growth and … (3) is so rapid during this period, the requirements for all nutrients increase. This is especially true of calcium and … (4). The best way to … (5) teen dietary changes is by …(6) information about short-term consequences that they can relate to: appearance, athletic ability, popularity and… (7) of life, because these are more important to most teens than long-term health. Calcium will … (8) them grow taller during their growth spurt. Iron will help them … (9) betteron tests and … (10)

1. The correct answer is ..
a. gen
b. gain
c. plain
d. brain
Jawaban : b

2. The correct answer is ….
a. add
b. bread
c. adolescence
d. consequences
Jawaban : c

3. The correct answer is ….
a. change
b. catch
c. cage
d. cat
Jawaban : a

4. The correct answer is
a. gone
b. cone
c. freon
d. iron
Jawaban : d

5. The correct answer is …
a. make
b. take
c. fake
d. bake
Jawaban : a

6. The correct answer is ….
a. bringing
b. taking
c. presenting
d. changing
Jawaban : c

7. The correct answer is ….
a. garment
b. enjoyment
c. government
d. excitement
Jawaban : b

8. The correct answer is ….
a. sleep
b. slept
c. pulp
d. help
Jawaban : d

9. The correct answer is ….
a. do
b. foe
c. you
d. blue
Jawaban : a

10. The correct answer is ….
a. say
b. bye
c. stay
d. play
Jawaban : c

Text for number 11 to 16
Fax Machine
Fax, the short term for facsimile is a telecommunications technology used to transfer copies (facsimiles) of documents, especially using affordable devices operating over the telephone network. The word telefax, short for telefacsimile, for “make a copy at a distance”, is also used as a synonym. The device is also 1known as a telecopier in certain industries. When sending documents to people at large distances, faxes have a distinct advantage over postal mail in that the delivery is nearly instantaneous, yet its disadvantages in quality and its proprietary format have relegated it to l Ja position beneath email as the prevailing form electronic document tranferral.

11. What is “fax” short term for?
a. Faxi
b. Facsimiles
c. Telefax
d. Faxphone
Jawaban : b

12. What is fax?
a. Fax is tool for telephone.
b. Fax is tool to print something.
c. Fax is tool to transfer copies (facsimiles) of documents.
d. Fax is tool to type something
Jawaban : c

13. What is “telefax” short term for?
a. Facsimiles
b. Telegram
c. Telefacsimiles
d. Electronic male
Jawaban : c

14. What is the other called of telefax?
a. Fax
b. Telefacsimiles
c. E-mail
d. Telegram
Jawaban : b

15. “… faxes have a distinct advantage over postal mail in that the delivery is nearly mstantenous“
a. benefit
b. useful
c. income
d. disadvantage
Jawaban : d

16. “… telecomunication technology used to transfer copies (facsimiles) of document.”
What is the meaning of transfer?
a. Memindahkan
b. Membuat
c. Menggandakan
d. Mencetak
Jawaban : a

17. Anna: Was Indonesia team as strong as Japan?
Cindy: No, I think Japan was stronger than Indonesia.
Ana:But … China, Japan or Indonesia?
Cindy: China.
a. Which team is the strongest
b. Which team is the weakest.
c. Which country plays better.
d. Which country plays the fastest
Jawaban : a

18. Jane: Do you want to join us for the coming holiday?
Gina: Where are you going?
Jane: To Pangandaran beach.
Gina: … My family plans to visit my grandfather in the village.
a. I am certain
b. That’s a good idea
c. I don’t doubt that
d. I am not sure
Jawaban : d

19. Arrange these words into a good sentence Noodles (1) – a bowl (2) – will (3) – of (4) – have (5) – fried (6) – I (7)
a. 7-3-5-2-4-6-1
b. 7-3-5-2-6-4-1
c. 7-3-5-6-1 -4-2
d. 7-3-5-2-1 -4-6
Jawaban : a

20. Jack: Do you know about the most famous sport in the world?
Bob: Yes. That is Olympic games.
Jack: Yeah. I… with you.
a. sure
b. certain
c. agree
d. disagree
Jawaban : c

21. Ali: I like to hear murotal Al Qur’anul Kareem by reciter Sheikh Ghamidee.
Muhamad: When…?
Ali: Tomorrow, at this dormitory.
a. is borrow me
b. will you lend me
c. you borrow
d. do you borrow it
Jawaban : b

22. Saiful: Are they Hammam and Umar?
Ali: Yes, they are.
Saiful: Where are they going?
Ali: I think they… fishing
Saiful: I love fishing. Let’s join them.
a. Is going to
b. Going to
c. Were going to
d. Are going to go
Jawaban : d

23. Mark: This is my painting, Sir.
Mr. Rudolph: Wow, I think it is… one.
Mark: Thank you.
a. the worst
b. the worse
c. the best
d. the better
Jawaban : c

24. James: Which one is better, traveling by taxi or a bus?
Alexa: Of course by taxi, but traveling by bus… than a taxi.
a. more expensive
b. expensive
c. cheaper
d. cheap
Jawaban : c

25. Tylor: Why does your father like living in the countryside?
Eva: Because it is… living in the city.
a. quite
b. the quietest
c. quiter than
d. as quietest
Jawaban : c

26. Rosa: Do you like listening to the radio?
Linda: Yes, I often listen to the BBC.
Rosa: I do too. But I think the afternoon broadcast is … than the morning.
Linda: You are right.
a. as clear as
b. clearer
c. clearest
d. clear
Jawaban: b

27. Budi beats Hoyer-Larsen of Denmark at the Sanyo Indonesia Open Badminton Championships because he played … than Hoyer- Larsen
a. carefully
b. as carefully
c. more carefully
d. the most carefully
Jawaban: c

28. Andy: Do you like pizza?
Wiliam: No I don’t. How about you?
Andy: ….
a. I don’t either
b. Neither don’t I
c. I don’t too
d. So do I
Jawaban: a

29. Zack: …
Smith: Neither can I.
a. I can’t operate a computer.
b. I like to write a letter.
c. I don’t think he can do that.
d. I am not going to go.
Jawaban : a

30. Harry: I have never been to Bali. How about you?
James: …
a. I have too.
b. I haven’t too.
c. So have I.
d. Neither have I.
Jawaban : d

31. Shinta : Will John pass the exam?
Dewi : … He is a smart and dilligent student.
a. I am quite sure
b. I am uncertain
c. I am not positive
d. I think he won’t
Jawaban : a

32. Mr. Black : Will John follow a career in business?
Mr. Smith : … He is not fond of doing business.
a. It might be
b. I wouldn’t like to say for certain
c. I’m sure
d. Definitely
Jawaban : b

33. Jalal : What do you think we should give Arni as her birthday present?
Rusli : A doll, I think.
Jalal : …
Rusli : Yes, certainly. As far as I know, she likes doll.
a. Are you sure?
b. I don’t think so
c. Are you kidding?
d. It’s impossible
Jawaban : a

34. Rudi : It’s really boring day today. I am going now here because I’m broke.
Janet : Well, don’t worry, friend. I can lend you some money if you want.
Rudi : Really?
Janet : …
Rudi : Thank you very much.
Janet : Don’t mention it.
a. It’s possible
b. It will be OK
c. Certainly
d. Nothing to worry
Jawaban : c

35. Jemmy : It is a bright day today. Is it possible if we go to the beach?
Randi : It is possible, but … because it is very far from your and my house.
Jemmy : So, what do you want to do?
Randi : Why don’t we go swimming in the swimming pool?
Jemmy : I don’t think so. I prefer watching movie.
a. I doubt it
b. I do hope so
c. I’m quite sure
d. I’m certain
Jawaban : a

36. Manny : Guys, yesterday I watched a news that in India there were three giant men.
Nina : Why are they called the giant men?
Manny : Because their height is almost three meters tall.
Nina : … Is it really true? You need to find the truth first
Manny : Hmm, yeah I will find it.
a. It’s a hoax
b. Don’t be silly
c. Just forget it
d. I’m not sure about the news.
Jawaban : d

37. How many times do we have to fold the paper?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
Jawaban : c

38. How many steps should we follow to make a good paper boat or hat as mentioned in the text?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
Jawaban : c

39. “Finally, open the middle and turn it inside out to make a boat. If you want to make a hat, flip it over and wear it.” The underlined word could be best replaced with the word …
a. Perform
b. Create
c. Design
d. Have
Jawaban : b

40. Rian : Where are Diana and Rohana?
Gita : They … in the library now.
a. Study
b. Studied
c. Are studying
d. Were studying
Jawaban : c

41. Beny : Be quiet, please! The baby …
Hana : Ok. Don’t worry.
a. Sleeps
b. To sleep
c. Is sleeping
d. Was sleeping
Jawaan : c

42. Jefri : It’s very quite. Nobody is in the classroom.
Tono : That’s right. All students … experiment in the laboratory at the moment.
a. Do
b. Will do
c. Have done
d. Are doing
Jawaan : d

43. Mother: What are you doing, dear?
Karina : I … fried rice for dinner, Mom.
a. Cook
b. Cooked
c. Am cooking
d. Had cooked
Jawaban : c

44. Fina : Is your car new?
Dora : Sorry, …
Fina : Do you have a new car?
Dora : No, I don’t.
a. What are you doing?
b. What did you say?
c. Don’t insult me.
d. Are you kidding?
Jawaban : b

45. Teacher : Well, students, for your assignment you must write a poem.
Student : …
Teacher : You must write a poem for the assignment.
a. What?
b. Excuse me
c. Pardon me, Sir?
d. I’m very sorry, Sir.
Jawaban : c

46. Sariyya : Saniyya, I want to introduce Tommy to you. Tom, this is Saniyya.
Tommy : How do you do?
Saniyya : ….
a. Fine
b. I’m fine, thank you
c. How do you do?
d. How are you?
Jawaban : b

47. Diah : I’m Dia asry.
Vera : …. I’m Vera.
a. How do you do?
b. How are you?
c. Good morning
d. What’s your name?
jawaban : b

48. Billy : Hello Will.
Willy : Hi Bill ….
Billy : Fine, thanks. And you?
Willy : Very well, thanks.
a. How do you do?
b. How are you?
c. Nice to meet you
d. How is the weather?
Jawaban : c

Read the text carefully.
I have an older brother. His name is Virdion. He is an undergraduate student in UGM majoring
Every Sunday, he usually goes to the sport center, sometimes by himself or with some of his friends.
Once a while, he will ask me to join him to have some work out. He is very energetic brother.

49. The text above, tell us about ….
a. My brother who is very energetic
b. The writer’s older brother
c. An energetic person
d. An undergraduate student in UGM
jawaban : c

50. Who is Virdion?
a. My brother who is very energetic
b. The writer’s older brother
c. An energetic person
d. An undergraduate student in UGM
jawaban : c

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